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Local Network Security

Protection and fortify the security of your internal network infrastructure. Our service focuses on safeguarding the network within your physical premises, such as office, home, or small businesses, against various potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Internet Services Protection

Safeguarding online presence, ensuring the security, availability, and reliability of internet-based services. It focuses on protecting your web applications, websites, and other online assets from a wide range of cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and disruptions.

SMS & Mobile Authorization

Service that enhances the security of digital platforms and applications by implementing an additional layer of authentication through SMS and mobile devices. It enables secure authorization access for verification of authentication receiver itself ensuring that only authorized device (or number) can perform sensitive actions or access protected resources. Additionally solution helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by implementing strong authentication measures.

E-MAIL Multi Level Security

Efficient email management and robust security measures for protect mail communications against various threats and vulnerabilities. This service goes beyond traditional email security measures by incorporating DNS-level protection and reputation tools to provide a robust defense against email-based attacks and malicious activities. System allows organizations to define multiple levels of rules for handling incoming emails (going beyond standards).

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Seamless integration and collaboration between different security solutions or software applications to enhance overall security capabilities and streamline security operations. These integrations aim to create a unified security ecosystem that can effectively detect, prevent, and respond to various cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Flexibility ensures that different security solutions can work together seamlessly and adapt for unique organizational needs.

Online Management

Centralized management and control of various security software applications through an online platform or interface. This approach allows organizations to efficiently manage their security infrastructure, monitor security events, configure security policies from a single, web based dashboard with user access control multi level  with real-time monitoring feature. Principle of least privilege and future security software integrations 
gain insights into model trends and overall info.

Multiple Notification

The integrated security software we develop offers multiple notification options to ensure timely and comprehensive alerts and information. These notifications can be delivered through various channels, including mobile devices, web interfaces, dedicated applications, email, mobile and landline phone  communications or separate integration customized for customer requirements. This multi channel approach ensures that security events and critical information are promptly communicated to relevant stakeholders.

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